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Russian Escorts

How I make merry with Russian Escorts

Most men crave foreigners' silky white skin, and I am no exception. I am a 27-year-old young man who works in a multinational IT firm in Jaipur. Since my childhood, I have fantasized about making love to a beautiful white foreigner girl. Now that I am grown up and earning a decent income, I can fulfill my childhood dream by hiring the services of Russian Girls working as escorts in major metropolitan cities of India. It is risky to enjoy it with an escort girl in my hometown, which is Patna. But I have no fears of being caught by my acquaintances when I am visiting other big cities in India.

Russian escorts are like beautiful dolls

I have seen many porn movies where white girls give pleasure to male actors. I have always drooled over the flawless skin and milky curves of these foreigners. Whenever I get a chance, I always prefer Russian girls over other categories of escort girls such as model girls and college girls who are mostly Indian women. It is only the flawless white skin of foreigners that excites me and I get a rock-like erection. Russian escorts are extremely beautiful as they have blue eyes and look like barbie dolls. I don’t mind whether my companion is a mature housewife or a college girl as long as she happens to be a Russian. 

Russian girls are wonderful in bed

I will not hide the fact that I have been to bed with Indian escorts as well in the past. But I have always been disappointed with their performance as they seem to be interested only in the money of their customers. I do not get any excitement during lovemaking with these Indian ladies as they are like machines without any feelings. On the other hand, Russian girls seem to enjoy it when they are with their clients. They love to party with men and do not take it as a part of their duty. Rather, they give bodily pleasures while enjoying them when they are in bed with their partners. I am easily aroused when I am under the blankets against the hot and naked body of my Russian escort

Russian escorts don’t have any inhibitions

The thing I like the most about Russian girls is their frank and bold behavior with their customers. They are cool and casual as a cucumber and put their men at ease by behaving like a friend. I have always felt relaxed and comfortable whenever I am enjoying my time with a Russian girl in Bangalore. These women eat all kinds of dishes and they also give company to me if I am in the mood for some alcoholic drinks. In bed, Russian girls are like wild cats who know how to enjoy and how to give amazing bodily pleasures to their men. I know that oral sex is not a big thing for these foreigners and they not just grab the tools of their men but also give a wonderful blow job to make them happy and satisfied. I have also enjoyed tit-fuck with busty Jaipurmodelgirls escorts and also tasted the juices of their pussies without having to plead with them.

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