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name : College Girl Escorts, Age: 25

Name: College Girl Escorts

Why I Prefer College Girl Escorts Over Married Women

Hi guys, I am Rajeev, a 32-year-old bank executive posted at the Jaipur branch of my bank. I am a married man with my family living in my parental home in Ranchi. This gives me the freedom to live my life on my own terms and there is no one to question me about my lifestyle. I visit my wife and kids once every month. To overcome my loneliness, I spend time with Jaipur escorts every now and then. I always choose College Girl Escorts as I know they are livelier and more satisfying than mature escorts.

The Youthful Energy And Innocence Of College Girl Escorts

I may not be a casanova but I surely have the experience of lovemaking with a woman of my age and she happens to be my age. I will not say that she is not good in bed but I am always searching for a tight body and loads of energy that are missing when I am in bed with her. Having given birth to two kids, it is natural for her to have some fat and loose curves. I crave the tight skin of young girls as I do not get the kind of thrill and excitement that I want from my partner. Another thing that serves as a magnet in the case of young College girls Escorts their innocence and playful nature. I know that a Mature Housewife gets tired quickly and she cannot match the performance of a young girl in bed and even outdoors.

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What does a man need when he is in need of some fun and relaxation? Of course, he needs the company of a beautiful and sexy woman who can fulfill his bodily and emotional requirements. After working nonstop for 8 hours a day for five days, I am looking forward to a weekend full of some fun and frolicking with a Young Lady. I want to forget all the worries and issues of the workplace and my family for these two days so that I can become fresh and charged up by the time a new week begins. I am tempted by the curvy and juicy bodies of married escorts but I stick to the category of young college girls as I know they can keep me happy and excited all the time. College Girl Escort does not have many things on their minds. They just want to party and have fun and this is the reason why I pick up only young girls for my company. Young girls have a desire to experience the simple pleasures of life and they want to try out all kinds of positions. With a young college girl, I can easily fulfill my sexual fantasies without having to plead with her.

I have tried many beautiful and sensuous college girls as my partner during the last 5 years. I feel more young and full of energy after a grueling session with a young girl.