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Hi. I am Varsha, a college girl working as an Escort in Vaishali Nagar. It is a posh locality southwest of Jaipur. Vaishali Nagar connects Jaipur with the Delhi bypass and also Ajmer Road to make it a very important locality in the city. I chose this area as my area of operation because it receives a large number of tourists and businessmen on a daily basis. As a part-time escort in Vaishali Nagar, I am able to earn a decent amount of money every month by working as much as I want to. 

How I began working as a Vaishali Nagar Escorts

I come from a middle-class family where my father found it difficult to manage the expenses of the household with his meager income. I was studying in a government college when I was approached by a fellow student if I was interested in earning some extra money. I was excited and said yes. But my happiness turned into disappointment when she told me that I had to spend some time with a strange man to get the money. I gave it a thought for some time and then decided to give it a try. After all, no job in the world would give me thousands of money for partying with men. She was already working as an Escort in Vaishali Nagar and told me that I did not need to worry about my safety and security,

Student in the Day Time, Escort in Vaishali Nagar in the afternoon

I have been careful from day one to make sure no one in my family comes to know about the fact that I am working as an Escort in Vaishali Nagar. I try to attend the college in the daytime but there are times when I am forced to bunk classes to fulfill my duties as a Vaishali Nagar escort. However, I do not mind it as I am getting thousands of Rupees for giving Romantic company to my clients. I have to admit that it becomes a little hectic at times as I have to rush to reach my home in time to avoid raising suspicions about my work as an escort. But I am happy that this job gives me lots of money that I can use to buy good-quality clothes, gadgets, and makeup accessories. 

Clients love me as a Vaishali Nagar Escorts

I am not very beautiful but I have learned how to arouse the feelings of a man by wearing revealing outfits. I am blessed with a curvy body and I use it to my advantage by wearing tight tops and jeans. I keep a dress in my bag ready to meet the client as I have to change my uniform and become a hot and sexy college girl to impress the client. Vaishali Nagar Escorts are always in strong demand among the clients and I am not an exception. 

I hope to have a solid amount of money in my bank account in a few years after which I will bid adieu to my career as a Vaishali Nagar escort.

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